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Research group: Stress physiology

Apart from analysing physiological changes in leaves under controlled stress conditions, this research group also focuses on fluorescence-based sensors to understand fruit ripening and quality.



Research group: Analysis of plant substances and irrigation systems

The main focus of this research group are the effects of different environmental stresses on plant growth and physiology.



Research group: Plant and product quality

Propagation and cultivation are the prerequisites for the usability of crop plants for research and for commercial horticultural production.



Research group: Plant physiology

Understanding fundamental processes in plant and eco physiology are a pre-requisite for sustainable horticulture. Effects on horticulture of recent climate change include an increase in abiotic stress such as hail, heat and drought with adverse effects on plant physiology, fruit quality and yield.



Research group: Agrochemicals - plant surface interaction

Reducing use of synthetic agrochemicals is of high importance for a sustainable agriculture production. On the other hand, insects and plant diseases are major causes of crop losses worldwide. Hence the trade-off between the use of agrochemicals in agricultural production and the fate of those active ingredients for plant health itself and the environment must be evaluated.


AG Funktionen pflanzlicher Oberflächen

Research group: Functional aspects of plant surfaces

Surfaces play a crucial role for the interactions of plants and their environment. In millions of years an almost endless number of multifunctional plant surfaces with complex structures and functions evolved.



Colloquium Horticultural Science

Our colloquium will take place on Wednesday, 10th of January 2018, at 10:15 o’clock in the HS Gartenbauwissenschaft (Auf dem Hügel 6). This event is open to the public and we warmly invite attendees.


Kick-off meeting TaReCa

The project TaReCa is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education and evaluates the potential of biomass residues of bell pepper production as a resource of bioactive leaf compounds.

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