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Master theses


Evaluating the role of leaf surface hydrophobicity on interactions with agrochemicals 

Start: February - September 2018 (Working topic/titel and experimental schedule can be discussed at personal meeting)

Increasing resource use efficiency in IPM or in Organic Horticulture is a key topic to ensure low inputs of agrochemicals, their optimal biological efficacy and to reduce environmental contamination. Optimization of foliar application is one of the smart plant management tool used in commercial horticultural production systems. Read more...


Analysis of the effects of simulatenous stress conditions (N-, P-, water deficit) on optical properties of different tomato genotypes

Start: February 2018

Tomato genotypes with different tolerance against abiotic stress conditions will be examined via non-invasive, optical measurement techniques (such as spectroscopy and chlorophyll fluorescence) to understand the dynamic of the applied stress and evaluate possible differences between the genotypes. Read more...

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