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Product and Process Quality (MA-P-02-W)

M.Sc. Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften, Wahlpflichtmodule Schwerpunkt "Sensor Based Production and Technology (SPOT)", 1. Studiensemester


Supply chain management and quality systems linked to the marketing of plant products, fresh fruit and vegetables; physical properties of plant material, offline and online measurement on physical properties. Non-invasive techniques for measurement of quality changes during transport and handling phases; positive and negative influences on selected quality parameters by pesticide application or use of fertilizers (influence on amino acid composition, starch, sugar, organic acid contents, nitrate levels, acidity, secondary metabolites, e.g. glucosinolates, vitamins, tannins; radical scavengers, etc.); models for prediction of quality changes in the food chain basics on measurement, process control and machine maintenance


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  • Vorlesung/ Lecture with demonstrations: 3 SWS
  • Seminar: 2 SWS


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Studienleistungen u.a. als Zulassungsvoraussetzung zur Modulprüfung:



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Handouts (detailed list of references of recent publications on relevant topics) will be made available via e-campus

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