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Red wine grape maturity

Starting June 2019


Red wine grape maturity
Research Area

Food Science  



Wine quality is determined by the degree of grape maturity. It’s particularly challenging to grow red grapes for wine making in German climate conditions. In comparison to southern Europe, the climate in Germany is much more inconsistent each year. Combined with an often short period of warm and sunny weather conditions, red wine production is a difficult task for German wine growers. The mostly used practice of measuring the total soluble solids to determine the optimal harvest time is, regarding the complexity of grape maturity, not sufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate different methods for measuring wine maturity and to show the variation between different harvest times.

Display of the maturity of Pinot noir and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes at different harvest times and further the development of a general practice for the determination of grape maturity.

Literature review, laboratory work and data analysis
External cooperation

DLR Rheinpfalz
Expected Results

Validity of maturity measurements, maturity data, comprehensive overview of possible measures
Time Frame

Harvest will start in August 2019, for a sufficient orientation it is necessary to start in June


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