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The Horticultural Science Institute of INRES in KoGa is targeting basic and applied research on system-oriented fundamentals for development of innovative products and production technologies as well as strategies for a sustainable use of resources in a rapidly changing environment. By elucidation of biological processes in plant-environment interaction at cell and tissue level, accompanied by implementation of novel techniques for early sensing and differentiation of plant stresses, INRES-Horticultural Sciences also contributes to regional research networks, in which basic research, applied research and technology transfer are being addressed by combined efforts of academic and industrial partners. The main objective is the successful implementation of innovative techniques and solutions for improved genotyping and phenotyping, ultimately increasing accuracy in precision crop management, and enabling optimization of agricultural/horticultural inputs to conserve resources and adjoining ecosystem.
Core expertise of the group includes:

  • In-depth knowledge of the physiology of horticultural crops under field and protected cultivation aiming high plant performance, yield and superior product quality
  • Evaluation of plant performance, yield and fruit quality in response to single and combined stresses (e.g., drought, salinity, nitrogen and biotic factors)
  • The improvement and validation of sensor techniques for fast and non-destructive evaluations of physiological processes
  • Sensor-based detection and differentiation of impacting stress factors
  • Phenotyping of genotypes and cultivars using optical sensors


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