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History of the Institute of Plant Sciences and Resource Conservation (INRES) - Horticultural Science.

The premise of the current Institute for Horticultural Sciences of the University of Bonn was acquired from the previous owner through the city in the 1920s. The villa and the park have been made available for establishing an infant residential home, which was officially inaugurated in December 1926 and mainly used for pulmonary patients. During the Second World War, this building was destroyed.

Infant residential home

Infant residential home Hoheneich, Bonn (Endenich)


Even though the Institute for Horticultural Sciences had not been established yet, the course “vegetable crop production” had already been introduced into the curriculum of the Agricultural Faculty. At this time, Dr K. Witte, who was also the leader of the Teaching and Researching Unit Marhof, was chairing this course, under the professorship of Dr E. Klapp (Institute for Agri- and Horticulture). It was also during this time, when it became necessary to establish a professorship for Fruit Science, for which Prof Dr Friedrich Hilkenbäumer from the city Halle/Salle was chosen. Prof Dr Hilkenbäumer started on the 1st of February in 1951 – marking the foundation date of the Institute for Fruit and Vegetable Science (now Institute for Horticultural Sciences). In addition, he was the leader of the Teaching and Researching Unit Marhof as well as the 7.5 ha big research area in Meckenheim, called “Fruit Science Research Unit Klein-Altendorf”. Because more space was needed, a completely new building was established in July 1953 in Endenich.
In 1976, Prof Dr Fritz Lenz became Prof Dr Hilkenbäumer’s successor.
From 1st of May 1998 till 31st of March 2018, Prof Dr Georg Noga was the Head of the Institute.
Since 1st of April 2018, Prof Dr Eike Lüdeling is Head of INRES - Department of Horticultural Sciences.


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