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Datum: 15.04.2020

New publication ‘A knowledge brokering framework for integrated landscape management’

The paper reviews the use of evidence to inform landscape management policies and programs to simultaneously achieve different sustainable development objectives. The authors describe key factors for success in evidence-based decision-making and propose a decision-support framework to organize evidence that can be used to tackle different types of land management policy decisions.


Sustainable land management underpins many social and ecological outcomes including food production, livelihoods, dietary health, social equity and climate change adaptation. However, interdependencies, trade-offs, time lags, and non-linear responses make it difficult to predict the combined effects of land management decisions. Related decisions also have to be made in the context of conflicting interests, values and power dynamics of those involved in land use decisions and those affected by them. Knowledge brokers can help address such conflicts and support decisions under uncertainty by facilitating the co-creation and use of various forms of knowledge. The paper ‘A knowledge brokering framework for integrated landscape management’ by McGonigle et al. was recently published with ideas that address these issues. Two of our institute’s researchers, Eike Luedeling and Cory Whitney, are among the co-authors.

The paper was published open-access in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, section Agroecology and Ecosystem Services:

McGonigle DF, Rota Nodari G, Phillips RL, Aynekulu E, Estrada-Carmona N, Jones SK, Koziell I, Luedeling E, Remans R, Shepherd K, Wiberg D, Whitney C, Zhang W (2020) A Knowledge Brokering Framework for Integrated Landscape Management. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 4:13