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Date: Sep 11, 2017

Scientific colloquium and excursion with the focus on TOMRES The guest of honour on the 6th of September 2017 was horticultural scientist Prof Dr Dimitrios Savvas from the Agricultural University of Athens.

25 years ago, Prof Savvas did his PhD at our institute after several years of research about salt stress on eggplants at the former Teaching and Research Station Marhof of the University of Bonn. Today, he is the scientific leader of the vegetable sector at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) in Greece.
Within the frame of our institute colloquium, Prof Savvas gave an exciting talk about “Organic vegetable cultivation in Greece and worldwide” and talked about future production goals of horticultural crops, interweaved with upcoming activities and milestones for the TOMRES project. Within this EU project, “efficient” tomato cultivars will be identified, which can produce high yields even under reduced nitrogen and water availability. Suitable candidates will be selected and the effects of organic production and grafting will be evaluated in further experiments.

Other guests at our institute colloquium were Ludwig Zeitheim and his colleagues Mihail Brinza from the company “Neurather Gärtner”, who support the practical aspect of the TOMRES project (

After the colloquium, the TOMRES partners visited the tomato production site of the greenhouse in Klein-Altendorf. Finally, Mr Zeitheim gave a tour through the impressive 16 ha big greenhouse complex of the company in Grevenbroich. He explained the efficiency and also the challenges of such a big complex, which is – independently of the focus on economic viability – highly interested in scientific questions.

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