You are here: Home News Stress test during the Summer Event of University of Bonn
Date: Aug 01, 2019

Stress test during the Summer Event of University of Bonn Plants of die DPL-Dienstleistungsplattform and the INRES Horticultural Sciences confirmed their stress resilience during a hot summer day.

At sunny temperatures above 35°C visitors were informed about growing techniques of vegetable plants and differences in plant performance under field vs. greenhouse conditions. Particularly, plants stressed by salty water were eye-catching. Plants grown under these diverse conditions were provided by the DLP coordinated by Dr. Christa Lankes who was available for any question.

To visualize differences between plants that grow well even if water and nutrient supply is limited, compared to plants suffering from those stress effects, fluorescence measurements were presented. Based on this technique, accessing the fluorescence signal of the green leaf component ‘chlorophyll’, plant fitness can be quantified. Current research projects, such as the EU project TOMRES and the BMBF project TaReCa, use this method to analyze plant fitness. Project goals, methods and outcomes were presented by Jan Ellenberger, Marius Rütt and Dr. Simone Röhlen-Schmittgen of the INRES Horticultural Science department.

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