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Date: May 16, 2017

EUVRIN Working group research workshop About 45 participants from 11 European countries took part in the first meeting of the EUVRIN (European Vegetables Research Institutes Network) working group meeting on Fertilization and Irrigation at the University of Almeria, Spain, from May 9th to May 11th 2017.

The meeting consisted of five scientific sessions and various excursions. During the scientific sessions, the members of the working group presented and discussed experimental results including soil moisture sensors, models and decision support systems, crop nutrient status and testing, fertilizer recommendations and fertigation as well as crop rotation and the use of organic materials. Our colleague Dr Antje Fiebig chaired the soil moisture session and gave a presentation about different irrigation strategies via soil moisture sensing.

Besides those sessions, participants were able to visit a research station of the University of Almeria, Cajamar and Tecnova and received a lot of information about the intensive vegetable production within a combined greenhouse area of 450 000 hectares, which supplies most of Europe’s food demand and has helped the region to an exponential economic growth.

More information about the activities of this working group can be found here:

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