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Date: Jun 28, 2017

Colloquium Horticultural Science Our colloquium will take place on Wednesday, 5th of July 2017, at 10:15 o’clock in the HS Gartenbauwissenschaft (Auf dem Hügel 6). This event is open to the public and we warmly invite attendees. Registration is not necessary.

The colloquium offers PhD students a chance to present and discuss their dissertation topics. Furthermore, other recent research activities can be introduced.

The schedule for the June colloquium is as follows:

  • Anna Räsch: Interaktion von Adjuvantien mit der Pathogenabwehr
  • Tanja Groher: Estimation of pigment concentration in ripening tomato fruits with non-destructive fluorescence indices
  • Simone Klein: Does the concentration and the repetition of application influence the ripening delay effect of the ripening inhibitor peptides? - Experimental design
  • Fabio Hamann: Fluorescence-based techniques for assessing physiological responses of apple (Malusdomestica) plants towards water shortage
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