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Date: Aug 10, 2017

Bonner expertise on fruit colouration at the ENFRUTE in Brazil In the temperate fruit growing area in Southern Brazil, fruit congresses alternate between the ENFRUTE in the ‘Parque de Maca’ in Fraiburgo in one year and the Seminario Internacional de Fruticultura in Vacaria in the next year.

In July 2017, Dr Michael Blanke of INRES - Horticultural Science gave an inspiring talk on causes, which prevent or reduce fruit colouration (including chemicals) under the often cloudy conditions of Brazil and suggested countermeasures to improve fruit colouration of the predominant cvs ‘Gala’ and ‘Fuji’. This follows on from two talks at the previous ‘ENFRUTE’ in 2015 in Fraiburgo (SC) on ‘Crop load management (CLM)’ and hail nets, and two invited presentations at the 3rd ‘Seminario Internacional de Fruticultura‘ in Vacaria (RS) in May 2016.

As a result of recent climate change, Brazil’s temperate fruit industry suffers from delayed flowering, heavy rainfall, sunburn, lack of fruit colouration and lack of winter chill.

Brazil‘s apple tonnage of a million tonnes originates from an acreage of 33,393 ha (2016) concentrated in the Southern states of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and Santa Catarina (SC) with yields of approximately 40 t/ha; well-coloured fruit are an incentive for the growers and make any efforts worthwhile, since their returns can increase up to 15 fold for well-coloured over poorly-coloured fruit– the background for the talk.

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